Bird Quest #09 - The Owl

The Long-eared Owl (lat. Asio otus, serb. Мала ушара или утина /
Mala ušara ili utina) seen in Đurđevo near Žabalj, Serbia
And finally, after months and months of waiting and searching, The Owl appeared! Seasons passed, winter, spring, ... and then, on the third Sunday of June, 2013, I got it! One caring mother and two big babies in the nest. Dwelling peacefully on a locust tree in an orchard amidst a serene village. I did not want to disturb this small family, but had to make a few shots, simply - had to. 

Bird Quest #08 - Oriolus Oriolus

Two Eurasian golden oriole females
(lat. Oriolus oriolus, serb. Златна вуга - женка / Zlatna vuga - ženka)
Last weekend I visited the cottage of my friend Bane. It was a hot saturday. After a short three-mile run in the hottest sun, and the barbecue, I took the camera and started wandering about looking for birds that were singing everywhere around in the bushes and trees. But the whole afternoon I did not spot one single bird close enough even to try to make a decent shot.

Стари Београд, I део - Хотел БАЛКАН и други огласи

Рекламе за хотеле ЕКСЦЕЛЗИОР и БАЛКАН -
домаћа и страна кујна, хладна и топла вода!
(клик на слику за увећање)
Да издаваштво ни пре сто година није могло без огласа спонзора, видимо и из овог издања књиге "Београд у прошлости и садашњости". 
Књига је издата 1927. године поводом 500-годишњице смрти Деспота Стевана (1389 - 1427), издавач Библиотека "САВРЕМЕНЕ ОПШТИНЕ", штампа Штампарија "Туцовић", Београд, Макензијева 3, телефон 11-42.