iHerb gift code - referral coupon for a discount

iHerb.com Coupon
iHerb.com Coupon

iHerb.com is the best choice for online supplement purchase, wherever you live in the World.

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Use gift code TJM023 for a $10 discount on your first order of $40 or more.
Anybody can use this code. The number of people who can use it is unlimited, so share it with your friends.
When finishing your order, below the cart listing, in the field for the referral (or gift, or a coupon) code, simply type:
(0 is number zero and not letter o)
...then update your cart, and you will get a $10 discount.
$5 discount for orders below $40, but if you order between $40 and $80, and your order weight is less than 1.8 kg, you also save on shipping price. Choose the following shipping option:
Global Priority Mail by DHLNow a flat $4.00 for orders over $40.00!
This shipping option applies to orders valued up to $80, and weighing 4 lbs. (1814 grams) or less.
Here is a sample cart with some of the bestsellers - click here to see what you get for only 30 dollars >>>
Check at the bottom of the cart if reward code TJM023 is applied, if not, type it in yourself, and update cart. Also, you receive a free grocery bag. If you want to change the free item, first remove the grocery bag from the cart, and then go to freebies section and select anything that suits you.
Happy shopping, and enjoy!
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