Bird Quest #08 - Oriolus Oriolus

Two Eurasian golden oriole females
(lat. Oriolus oriolus, serb. Златна вуга - женка / Zlatna vuga - ženka)
Last weekend I visited the cottage of my friend Bane. It was a hot saturday. After a short three-mile run in the hottest sun, and the barbecue, I took the camera and started wandering about looking for birds that were singing everywhere around in the bushes and trees. But the whole afternoon I did not spot one single bird close enough even to try to make a decent shot.

When I finally wanted to give up about 7PM and told the kids to pack and get ready to go home, they asked if they could play some more basketball. Twenty minutes, they said. I okayed, and went to make anoher try. Camera all set and ready. Suddenly I heard loud squawking coming from my right towards me, and the squawking birds stopped right above me, so I only had time to turn the camera upwards without pointing and take a shot in the direction the sound was coming from. It all happened so quickly, those two Golden oriole females quarreled for a second and then continued chasing one another and quickly disappeared in the bushes. So I remained with just one photo, but - it turned out to be satisfactory!

After those two orioles, and in the following thirty minutes while the sun was still strong enough for decent shots, I managed to get a Jay and a couple of Bee-eaters. Not bad, after all.

The Eurasian Jay (lat. Garrulus glandarius, serb. креја, сојка / kreja, sojka)
in Staro Selo near Popovica (Sremska Kamenica)

The European Bee-eater (lat. Merops apiaster, serb. Пчеларица / Pčelarica)
seen in Staro Selo near Popovica, 
Fruška Gora

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