Laws even Murphy didn't know existed

....but are in power at my household.

Double pendulum - nature has some simple laws, unlike my kitchen

Every object with a handle will be put on the very edge of any given kitchen surface, handle pointing in the opposite direction from the surface center, so as to produce maximum possible likelihood to unintentionally tip it over the edge.
Every object that can be tipped over will be positioned as close to the edge of the worktop as to produce maximum damage possible if tipped over.

If the lid of a jar takes just one quarter of a circle to be put in a secure position, the lid will simply be placed on a jar without being turned at all, so as to look as if the jar is properly closed and secured, which will make the jar drop off the lid halfway when lifting it by trying to hold by the lid.

The jar from the previous law will tend to fall on the floor rather than land back on the surface it was lifted from.

If the lid of a jar, toothpaste, or anything else that closes by turning the lid, takes six full circles to completely close, but is sufficient to turn it just once to be closed securely enough, it will be turned six and a half times so as to make you need french wrench to open it.

The more spiky the knife tip is, the greater the likelihood is that the spike will be turned upwards to dry in the dish drainer after being washed.

My first morning coffee mug will migrate from shelf to shelf day after day without conceivable pattern of moving.

Spiky knives are more likely to dry in the dish drainer at the time I am looking for my morning coffee mug, than at any other time of the day. be continued

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