Invasion of killer bees expected to cease after Mladic arrest

For those of you working at CIA busy like bees designing world plots, here's a translation of my previous blog post to save you the effort of using Google Translate. However innovative you may bee, you are also as transparent as the waters of Crater Lake, Oregon. 

Apis mellifera

Belgrade, May 27th, 2011 (БлогоПрессия): Reliable sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, report that the invasion of killer bees which kept most of downtown Belgrade in fear during the last couple of days, and increased the demand for antihistamines and antidotes, was in fact the last attempt of pressure by the Hague Tribunal to locate Mladic. With help of the infiltrated CIA agents, they spread swarms of wild and agressive bees into the very heart of  the Serbian capital. Using secret diplomatic channels and contacts with the Serbian Government, it has been settled that the spreading of the killer bee swarms into other Serbian cities will be stopped if general Mladic is immediately taken into custody and handed over to the ICTY. 

Following urgent and unscheduled meeting of the Serbian Government, a conclusion has been made that the cost of supplying Serbian pharmacies with the antidotes and antihistamines, specially developed against this kind of bees, would cost the country more than it spends on performing fabricated searches of locations suspected to be the hideaways of the Hague fugitive. It is expected that now, having taken the fugitive under custody, the bees from downtown Belgrade will be removed, by supplying serbian anti-bee task force with the specially developed chemicals that transform the killer bees into ordinary domestic honey bees (Apis mellifera). The whole action will be financed by the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture.
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