Running with the ravens... or ...the girl with the golden hair

I went for an early run this morning. Chose the track overlooking the nearby hotel, that suited me for several reasons today. Found a free parking place (not ever an easy task in this town), and saw a queue of city buses parked near the hotel. I saw them yesterday too, but didn't think much about the possible reason why they might be here. But the 2nd day in a row... there must be a sporting event in town, I thought, and the buses are used as a shuttle service for the participants to take them from the hotel to the sporting arena. At this moment, a group of athletes appeared and started boarding the bus. They were wearing green, white and red on their sport suits, so I thought they had to be from Hungary or Bulgaria. I didn't bother to cross the street and ask them about the occassion, since I was getting ready for the training myself.

I entered the court, there was nobody running, which surprised me. It's probably the weather, peope are still sleeping... only a woman walking her dog... I started slowly to warm up. When I came closer and was running past the woman and her puppy, it started springing around me cheerfully, not to my delight. Mummy called it back and it obeyed. I chose a part of the track people usually don't use for running. It looked a little wild and the grass was soft which suited me. Suddenly, a group of black ravens appeared. They fled as I ran past. After a while, I came to a wired fence, the end of the road, so I had to make a U-turn. On my way back, four ravens were picking something in the grass. As they felt me approaching, they simultaneously lifted off and started flying in a square formation, one feet above the ground, at my speed, in front of me. That was a sight to be seen! Pure enjoyment. At this momet I even forgot how I missed an iPod, no music could replace this experience of the nature. I continued to run, but not even at a half of my planned workout duration, I started feeling a pain in my left knee. Damn it! Will it ever stop haunting me! Taught well from the previous experiences, I stopped running immediately, and started walking not to worsen the injury. 

The way took me to the nearby hotel. I thought at that moment, maybe I'll meet some late group of athletes and find out about the event. The shuttle buses were still there. I passed the hotel entrance but nobody seemed to be around. A few steps further, I decided to go back to my car and head back home. But there they were, a group in the white training suits that exited the hotel in those few moments it took me to turn. I ran to make it to them before they entered the shuttle. I saw the "Scotland" inscription at their backs and thought, well, at least there won't be a language barrier. Approached them from behind and asked the girls what kind of championship it was. Karate, they told me. So I found out that a European junior karate championship was taking place in my town. They told me it would last until tomorrow, and a girl with the golden hair told me that she can't wait to fight in the finale. We all smiled to that. She seemed completely self confident, something of an aura around her. I could almost touch the sense of success, saw it in her eyes. She waved me bye when we came to the shuttle, I waved her good luck, she said thanks, and that was it. I really wish her success. Maybe we'll meet some day in the cyber space. I'm pretty sure we will.
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