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37 Auld Lang Syne
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If you've read my previous blog post recently, forget about it! Read the next one, it is politically correct. Here's why.
After having written about my encounter from the previous post, I wanted to try to keep in touch with my 30-second acquaintance. No better way to do it than to use the Fakebook (a social networking site). Without much trouble, I found the fan page of the Soreland Organization of Boxing (SOB). By posting my story on their wall, I intended not only to keep in touch with those folks I met, but also to contribute to the quality and diversity of the contents of their page by adding something that might remind someone of the few nice days spent in my country, Smallbia. And so I did.

It was a big mistake, which I was going to find out pretty soon. The next day, I received a mail in my Fakebook inbox from the SOB page administrator. With selected words, he informed me that he would like to remove my post, but that for reasons known only to Fakebook developers, he himself as a page owner cannot do it, and kindly asked me to remove the post myself.

I must say that I didn't expect that. Maybe I didn't expect many 'likes' either, but a request for removal certainly wasn't on the menu. After a few mails exchanged, in which I tried to tap the true reason why they didn't like my post, I finally got it - it was "Politically Incorrect" because the acquaintances were minors. So in the Republic of Soreland it is politically incorrect to talk to minors. I still tried to settle for a few more days on their wall, if they didn't mind, but to my greatest astonishment, I found out that they did. The admin, now a little impatiently, said that he already had too many problems with the parents. What? Am I talking to a kid maintaining a page of a SOB federation? At that moment, another post appeared on the page, posted by a certain waitress from the city of Dairy, whose name irresistibly resembles that of Sharon Stone. She made a pathetic remark that "they were just kids", and I could almost hear the crying tone in her words. It was then that I realised what "parents" the admin was talking about. Those were the parents of the contestants. He had to obtain the consent for every single of the thousands of photographs to publish them on the page, if there was a minor visible on it! What a lousy situation! So this is the way it goes in the western hemisphere. I just hope it won't be neccessary to summon the Security Council meeting to settle this international dispute between Soreland and Smallbia.

To sum up, is there any hope? Since I live in a land which considers itself western on the odd days, and byzantine on the even, we are already standing with one leg in the same pool of mud. I promise I will pay close attention to avoid talking to the minors of 17 years and eleven and a half months of age on the odd days.

And let me finish with this traditional Soreland rhyme:

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

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